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Homes in the Meredith neighborhoods can now qualify for the NFC Advantage Loan Program, designed to improve properties. The program offers forgivable loans of up to

$10,000 per property every 10 years to pay for property repairs and improvements.

  • Replacing, repairing, or updating electrical systems
  • Energy-efficient updates
  • Functional landscaping
  • Furnace and air conditioner
  • Garage (Max standard 2 car)
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Sidewalks and driveways
  • Windows and siding

Go to to complete a prequalification applications form and then call 246 0010 and ask for loan officer.

NFC is a non-profit mortgage lender that allows forgivable funds to be provided with each loan for an owner-occupied property. NFC offers purchase, refinance and/or home improvement loans in our lending areas. The forgivable funds (up to $10,000 per property every 10 years) are used to improve or repair your home. With NFC, you have to borrow money to get the forgivable loan money.

For home improvement loans, the portion of the loan that is forgivable will range from 25% - 50% of the amount of the rehab depending on household income, up to a maximum of

$10,000 forgivable loan.


Once the NFC loan has closed the home improvement projects may begin.

 Meredith Neighborhood Association, who we are and what we do!
Meredith Neighborhood Association was formed early Spring 2000. Originally there was a plan to have one large North West Des Moines association but that plan was rejected and three neighborhood associations were formed: Meredith, Merle Hay, and Lower Beaver.

The first elected officers were dedicated “to becoming a positive force in the neighborhood. (Des Moines Register, Dana Boone, March 1, 2000). First on the list were to have stoplights at 50th and Douglas. Also, they wanted Westchester Park improved to be “a kids park.”

Since then the neighborhood association convinced the city to retain the four-way stop at 50th and Meredith Drive, worked with Hoover High School staff and school resource officer to discourage high school students from improper use of Westchester Park. Other changes were street lines on 50th street from Aurora to Twana so cars going around the curve stayed in lanes. Helped to reduce collisions.

The association sponsors National Night Out on the second Tuesday of August,

4th of July Kids Parade.  SCRUB (a way to unload trash, tires, appliances, etc.)held at Hoover High School, plant flowers on Palm and Bel-Aire islands and around the Westchester Park sign. Other volunteers coordinate a program where neighbors are also able to pick-up flowers to plant in their parking.

The list is long. Many good things have happened in the neighborhood. The best part has been the volunteer officers, committee members, those that come to meetings, and show up to help at events.

The Meredith Neighborhood Association is a volunteer organization. All planning and implementation of events are by volunteers. Funding is from memberships ($20), grants, and donations. Please support your association, volunteer to help, work on a committee, or serve as a board member. Check out the Spring 2015 Newsletter for a list of opportunities to help the neighborhood.


Not applicable in other NFC Lending Areas


1.     Applications will be accepted starting August 1, 2015.

2.     $1.5 million is available through December 2015 in the Meredith, Watrous South, Waveland Woods & Westwood* neighborhoods. NFC will evaluate the continuation of the program for 2016.

3.     Only in the neighborhoods listed above will purchase and refinance loans will be limited to households below 80% of the area median income ($60,000 for a family of 4).

4.     There are no income limits for home improvement loans.

5.     Only in these neighborhoods, the assessed value of the property must be less than or equal to $200,000 for purchase, refinance and home improvement loans.




1.     The homeowner/borrower is responsible for selecting the contractor.

2.     NFC does not finance sweat equity (homeowners completing rehab themselves).

3.     The repairs/improvements are to be completed within 6 months of closing. NFC will hold the funds for the rehab and directly pay the contractors after your approval and inspections are complete. Payments to contractors are made twice a week, Tuesday and Friday after 4:00 pm.


For additional information, please visit our website at or call 515-246-0010. 

If you are interested in one or more of the committees, please contact William (Bill) Schoenenberger, 276 8730 or or

Quarterly meetings are not scheduled due to the proposed merger with Beaverdale Neighborhood Association.
Discussion on merging with Beaverdale Neighborhood Association. Read Will Rock's  President's Message
The following events are scheduled:
4th of July Kid's Parade, meet at 9:45 at 46th and Bel Aire for a parade to Westchester Park. There will be drinks, goodies, and games.
National Night Out
More information will be provided but it will be held August 2, 2016
The promise of the merger is that these events will continue to occur. 
 Non Emergency Reporting DMPD Dispatch 283-4811
Patrol services related issues, general police department contact.
SPO Chuck Guhl 554-9271
Lt. Larry Davey 237-1531or C# 208-7790
Traffic issues, speeding, parking
Officer Chris Mock 419-6627
Officer Tim Fricke 205-3165
Narcotics activity, drug dealing, neighborhood contact.
Sgt. Dave Mulford
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The original 370 acre Meredith property was both a dairy and beef cattle farm.
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