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Volunteers Needed

Organizations like Meredith Neighborhood Association thrive and succeed because of volunteers. Please consider contributing some of your time and talent to the association. If you are interested in any of the oppurtunities below: call Bill Schoenenberger, 276 8730 or email: wschoenenberger@gmail.com or president@meredithneighbors.org

Volunteers are needed to assist with:
  • MEGA SCRUB DAY - April 19, 2014 7:00 to 1:00 Hoover High school (two hour shifts)
  • prepare and plant flowers on Bel-Aire/Palm islands and around the Westchester Park sign. Prep is 9-11 a.m May 7 and planting is May 17 in the afternoon
  • 4th of July Kids Parade - walk, games, activities
  • National Night Out, August 5- set up, booths, clean-up
  • three quarterly meetings: February, May, and November (assist in setup).
We also need volunteers to help publish our newsletter. There are two big areas: actual editing, design, and coordinating printing of the news letter, and folks to visit businesses in the area to get ads. Ideally if there could be two or three folks. If finances support us, we will put out four 8 page newsletters, if not then an e-mail. Need someone to support the  website, facebook page, and e-mail newsletters.

We also work with the city and county to improve the neighborhood. The permanent placement of four way stops at 50th and Meredith was accomplished by working with the city. Association also works with the police department to deal with issues the occasionally occur.

The following are from the Bylaws:

The purpose of the association is to enhance the quality of life in the Meredith neighborhood of Des Moines, Iowa.

Elected officers are: president (William Schoenenberger), Vice President (William Rock), Secretary (Peggy Grim), and Treasurer (Som Rasavanh). President and Secretary terms end May 2014.

The standing committees and their respective functions and duties are as follows:
(a) Social/Activity Committee – This committee will be responsible for planning and executing social events and activities of the association. Ken and Chris Craig
(b) Communications Committee – This committee will be responsible for preparing, publishing and distributing a regular newsletter; preparing and maintaining the association website; and distributing information regarding association activities and meetings to the general public and to the media as authorized by the board of directors. Open
(c) Community Development Committee – This committee will be responsible for planning programs and locating and inviting appropriate speakers for association meetings. Don Shaw

Additional committees:
Membership: Bob Lutz
Business: Open
Beautification: Stephanie Young
 The MNA Quarterly Meeting is Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at Hoover High School. There is a potluck social at 6:30 and the meeting starts at 7:00

Possible speakers: David Jahn, city forester to talk about trees

Meeting Agenda
  • Approve Agenda
  • Minutes from previous meeting
  • Treasurers Report
  • Election: President, Secretary
  • Neighborhood issues
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Board Meeting:
3rd Monday of each Month
At Meredith Reformed Church room 241, Meredith Drive 
Stop by to sit and listen, or to express an idea or concern about the neighborhood. We keep it casual and informal. Call Bill at 276 8730 to make sure the meeting is as scheduled.

Have Questions?
Contact Secretary Peggy
Grim at 334-7473 or
 Non Emergency Reporting DMPD Dispatch 283-4811
Patrol services related issues, general police department contact.
 Chuck Guhl 554-9271 cwguhl@dmgov.org
Lt. Larry Davey 237-1531or C# 208-7790  
Traffic issues, speeding, parking
Officer Chris Mock 419-6627
Officer Tim Fricke 205-3165  
Narcotics activity, drug dealing, neighborhood contact.
Sgt. Dave Mulford  
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MNA History

The original 370 acre Meredith property was both a dairy and beef cattle farm.
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